Overview of the Gilbert Arizona Mayoral Candidates

gilbert mayor
Since the mayor announced they planned to resign in time for an election to be held to find their replacement, five candidates have emerged. Three of the already have completed the qualifications to be included on the ballot. The other two still have not created the campaign committee they are required to by law in the city’s elections.

Gary Livacari

As the youngest person running for mayor he also has the least history living in the city. He has worked with the city’s government for five years already and is excited to be a dedicated public servant for his community. His primary goal is to curb the urban sprawl beginning to take over the city.

Matt Nielsen

As a member of the charter schools industry, he is ready to help guide the city towards fiscal responsibility. He believes being a steward of the towns tax dollars is the single most important aspect of being a successful mayor in his eyes.

Brigette Peterson

After living in the Gilbert community for a quarter decade, Mrs.Peterson is now eyeing the mayor’s seat in this summers election. She has w3 years’ worth of experience volunteering with the city already and five on the city council. This makes her the most experienced in the race by far.

Lynne King Smith

Mrs. Smith, in her 50s, is still as avid of an Entrepreneur today as she was when she first moved to the city of Gilbert Arizona eighteen years ago. She is interested in forming new coalitions within the city council. They hope this will propel them to victory. Although there are few major plans she has in stock to change the city, she hopes to continues the previous mayors legacy.

Sandra Reynolds

An outsider to the political world, she feels the cities biggest problem is a lack of representation by the city’s representatives. Her vision is steeped in images typical for a visionary. One of a city with city councils that give citizens adequate speaking time and respond to its constituents.

Vacant Council Seat Fuels Tensions In Gilbert Arizona Elections

gilbert city councilAnother member of the city council I Gilbert Arizona, has abandoned their seat, leaving no one behind to fill it. The city council recently convened hoping to respond to this development and find a replacement. Tensions mounted, and even after several lively hours of discussion, no concessions were made between feuding parties to find a compromise candidate that could hold the role of a council member.

This newest development in the Gilbert electoral races has added even more fuel to an already raging bonfire of speculation and electoral tension. The newest council member to step down has down so after the city’s deadline for ballot inclusion. This means that yet another of the city’s council sits will be filled by appointment. Not only will this happen, but the appointment will be in their role for two and a half years till the next round of elections since they missed the deadline for this one.

Opponents have said this will place too much power in the government’s hand after the elections because they will appoint the majority of the city board. Democracy advocates have called for intervention as they believe this is a fundamentally anti-democratic move. Current members of the city government have stated dismay but promise to uphold their obligations to their constituency.

Gilbert Arizona City Gate Fund Election Scandal

Yet another major event has erupted the tensions in the Gilbert Arizona city council and mayoral electoral races this year. The city’s current administration has been accused of accepting financial gifts from one of the city’s largest commercial real estate developers in exchange for their vote on a particular issue.

The company in question was in the process of breaking the ground of a new apartment complex. They donated over 1000$ to the mayor and the vice mayor of the city. Both of these individuals then held votes after receiving the money on these projects. It is clearly not a good look for the two career politicians.

Whether there any negative intention or fraudulent activity ultimately does not matter as the trust the citizens of the city had held in their government has been damaged now. As most of us know, it is much easier to damage trust than it is to repair it. We’re they to receive donations from the company; they should have either abstained from the vote or, at the very least, waited to receive the donation until after.