Gilbert Arizona State of the Race: Mayoral Election Analysis of the Candidates

gilbert election
The City Government of Gilbert Arizona is poised at the precise of momentous change. For one of the first times since the cities inception, nearly every council seat, including the mayor, is up for grabs this election. How the city got to this charged atmosphere is a little complicated.

Thanks to special election rules that require challengers for the seat of mayor that are current members of the council to abdicate their seats, three of the candidates this year have put their resignation notices on the line. Two of the city council seat were already up for re-election, and now the mayor has put in his resignation.

All together, now only one of the current members of the city council has a guaranteed seat for next year. A few of the vacant seats will be replaced by appointment, and those roles will be filed for the following two and a half years. This is one of the most contentious points of the election. Since the mayor chooses the appointment, this election has a ton of weight behind it.

arizona electionsIf Brigette Peterson does end up winning the spot for mayor, she is going to be handed a lot of power for a city government as they will be able to handpick almost all of the additional city council members. This will effectively give a default majority for the next two and a half years to whoever becomes mayor unless the mayor actively appoints candidates that go against them. This seems like an unlikely outcome no matter who the victor is, though.

Because so much is on the line, this election has escalated quite a bit in the last few weeks. Several scandals have emerged regarding the way some of the current members of the cities go nerve to have handled funds that were appropriated initially for a new city gate.

To top it all off, there are new contenders for the position of mayor of Gilbert. This brings the total number of challengers up to five. This is the most candidates that have run in the city mayoral races since the city was first founded. All of it is coming together for quite a spectacular finish this summer.

Election Day is drawing nearer, and the polls have yet to indicate a clear front runner as of yet. August 4th will be the day that the city of Gilbert makes a significant decision. Now let’s take a closer look at exactly who the candidates are for the most hotly contested mayoral race in Gilbert’s history.